Friday, December 07, 2007

Can you all say...DAY SEVEN....well it is now here...and here is a picture of Day Seven's package surprise...and it is sooo cool!!

In the picture here it looks like she used blue and a salmon color...but Erin...IT IS A HOT PINK actually..and take a look at those skulls...all hand made. Inside of the needlecase it says needlecase of doom. Kinda funny these skulls remind me of Lextor Hannible from the "Silence of the Lambs" where he has that mask on his face so he couldn't take a chunk from anybody's body. Lex was is a very brazzar movie and you have to like Wierd to like the movie...but I Have seen it a million times now since people in this house like it so much. I actually like the movie too...but then I do like Jodi Foster as an actress. So this is another cool AREN'T I THE REALLY LUCKY ONE???? All the rest of you have to wait until Dec. 25th and I have already opened SEVEN I have betcha I teasing anybody that dares to read my blog....I did have one thought last Secret Santa is starting to remind me of another movie...."Nightmare Before Christmas" a Tim Burton Production. I especially thought of that when I saw what was in Day 3 gift of the bracelet with the black pumpkins and dark teal looking kitty cats...

NOw for a bit of inspiration here...On TerryMcGuffin's blog she just showed you a beautiful Christmas ornament that she recieved...and gosh it really is a BEAUTY too. But I want to bring you to the post just below her post about the ornament and that is the Angel Pattern and picture of Trina. A few years agoTrina was part of the online classroom contest (write to AK about information to join her online tatting class here Georgia will give you all the information you need to join and learn how to tat. I had submitted two angels for the contest. One was voted as the most technical and the other one was just flying around. The technical one I gave away and it is kinda funny but the person I gave it to thought it was Mimi Dillman's angel when viewing online because of the clunies were not tatted but bobbinlace. And so is the upper part of her dress. In her skirt as well as having those clunies...I also used sequins and tatted around them so her skirt looks like she has a whole bunch of Poinsetta...well that was the plan anyway....

Linda Davies has also used sequins in her snowflake which turned out very pretty. You can see the snowflake here


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Beautiful! Boy, someone has your number, Sherry! ;-)

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