Thursday, April 26, 2007

Well....I see some things have changed with the you have to have a google account too. So I had to get one. Moving on here.....
Pictures from Hector Tatting Event that was earlier in April....Enjoy them...
First of all ...last year we were all given cotton cloth bags to decorate in tatting. Well....I didn't know we were suppose to do that....and when I found out I had three weeks to do it...but I wasn't in the tatting mood so I didn't do mine...but here are some pictures of some bags that were done and voted upon. I really like Ruth's bag alot...can you guess which one was hers?? But the winner was number 8 with the flower basket made from tineey wineey bitsy tatted flowers.

Now to share some people pictures with you.
The Tatted Family...that came to visit us from across the Big Pond with thanks to Jane Elboral.
This necklace and earring set is what Nina Libin taught on Sunday. I wasn't there for her class but I did buy her kit. I will have to wing it on my own. But isn't it pretty??
This is a picture of the only dragon I have ever seen made from my pattern in a class I taught last year. Take a look at the colors. I wish I had a better picture of the dragon. Maybe if someone see this blog can send me a better picture of the dragon or I might have to email the maker of the dragon who was...well...I am not sure now. She did give me a business card with her name and address...but do you think I can find it right now...NOPE....and it is getting late and I am brain dead anyways. Inside of the dragon's body which you really can't see too well is a person a bone...and I can't remember what else. There was also a 3D fish on display but my picture didn't turn out well...darn...I can't even see what is in my camera's viewfinder without my glasses on and apparently I didn't have them on...but they used my dragon's body for the body of the fish adding fins and tail and other fishy looking details. I will have to find the business card and get a hold of the tatter. If she reads this at all...I hope she sends me an email.

Here are a few pictures from the tatting display. My feeling is I would like to see a better tatting display next year. I think that will be my goal for Hector next year is to see what I can do about having that. I love seeing other people's tatting work.
I did buy some raffle tickets and I won the everything is pink in a pink bag raffle. I have already shared this picture with Erin Holloway my friend...winning the bag made me think of her immediately...can't imagine why can you???LOL But here is a picture of me posing with the pink bag...get a look at those pink magnifying glasses I have on....which I have already put to use here at home. I aplogise in advance if anybody's computer has a breakdown because of this picture. I am getting so I hate having my picture taken....but....I have just one more picture to show you of me again as the (dare I say it) model. I am wearing my Fair Isle Sweater designed by Alice Starmore that I just finished and as you can see was able to wear it at least a few times. We got snow right after the Hector event. The sweater is huge...but that is the way I like them to be so I can wear whatever under the sweater. I use my sweaters as coats. they are not as bulky and I am pretty warm wearing them even when it is in the signal digit temperature degrees. So since the sweater is huge...I am kinda looking really huge too..but I am really not that big as I look in the picture.....
Now that I have shown you all Hector pictures and tortured your poor eyes with pictures of me...I am ending this post for tonight...


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