Thursday, November 24, 2005

I truly hope you all had fun stuffing yourself on the Thanksgiving Dinner. I know I am ....the turkey was just wonderful...Mash Potatoes...who doesn't just love them...with the fattening gravy...Yum...and then there was the Patasieo salad and pies....I am so stuffed right now. Early before going to the dinner I was playing here on my computer trying to figure out how to combine four pictures and make it one picture. I think I finally figured it out...thank goodness for my Adobe Illustrator Program...usually I am swearing at it ladylike...LOL and leave it in fustration...but I think I finally taught myself a new skill in the program. If it worked you will see a picture of my bobbin that I painted yesterday. I wanted a snowman in the forest with the wildlife around him. So be looking for the deer peeking out from behind the tree...the squirrel, the cardinal, the bunny on the bobbin. So what do you all think of the bobbin. Tomorrow depending on how things go around here I am going to paint myself my very own Charlie Brown and Snoopy bobbin. I know the characters are copywrited but I paint these bobbin just for myself and I do not give them away or sell I think that is okay. On my website on my bobbinlace page you will see where I have other cartoon bobbins I have painted in the past. I have more continental bobbins and someday may add to my numbers of cartoon bobbins. If any of you can think of a cartoon character that you don't see on my website please let me the years go by you have a tendency to forget things...but remember when someone mentions the forgotten memory to you. I hope you enjoy looking at the picture. It did take me awhile to figure out... one. how to combine my pictures after resizing them and cropping them and then two, getting the combine picture in jpg format so I could upload it to here...
Me, who is crossing her fingers that what I have done works....


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