Monday, November 22, 2010

Hiya all, I have been busy this past week and a half painting lace bobbins that I will be selling on ebay. My budget like alot of us in the USA doesn't have room for Christmas Shopping after all the economy tanked on us. With my husband now making less money and bringing home a way less pay check than he use to before he lost his job of 33 years...things have been tight and they are getting tighter. I find it amazing with how tough alot of us middle class have it these days...that the prices of things keep going up. What is up with that...??? Anyhow....I wanted to have money to do some Christmas shopping and at least buy my Grandchicklets ( Grandchilden) something for Christmas. So, the only think I could think to do was to paint some bobbins. I am selling them on ebay under fortheloveoflace if anyone is interested in buy any of my bobbins or passing the word around on the lace list or to whomever might be interested. I do not plan on continuing to paint these bobbins though. Once I have some money to Christmas shop with I will stop painting the bobbins. Painting bobbins is time consuming and the only time I have to paint is in the evenings or when I am not watching Movie Star aka Girlie Girl aka Kiara my almost 2 year old granddaughter. My painting and babysitting her do not mix. LOL. So painting is only when she isn't here. I have found that painting alot on these small bobbins kills my neck and shoulders. And the money I get from painting bobbins isn't worth spending time being crunched over a table...but I need money for Christmas so there you have it. Here are a few pictures of the first three bobbins I have listed on ebay. I also put some shuttles I had from my collection...and I may be putting more on ebay. I will have to look around here tomorrow and see what else I feel I can live without. So here is Christmas Star bobbin done in Christmas colors. Then there is "Hear the Peacefulness" which is painted on the bobbin in gold paint with snowflakes in white and silver with some cold swirls. The last bobbin is a Snowman bobbin that says on it "Baby, It is cold outside" The snowman is holding a star and has snowflakes around him too. Now, I will have to think up more different bobbins to sell on ebay. So tomorrow night I will be sitting around with paintbrush in hand again. Well, it looks like none of these will enlarge when you click on the on the pictures so if you just save the picture you can enlarge it on your own computer if you want to see the bobbins closer up.


Blogger erin said...

Oh, wow, Sherry! Those are beautiful! I LOVE the snowmen!

8:54 AM  
Blogger Tatman said...

You still got it!! I love your work!

9:26 AM  
Blogger Karen's Mind Thoughts said...

Lovely painting on your bobbins!

7:43 PM  
Anonymous said...

Such pretty bobbins.

7:45 PM  

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