Monday, July 26, 2010

I decided on one of the patterns from Iris's book. I am doing the one called " Silvia". I am using size 20 thread ( size is not my usually size I like to tat with but) that needs to be strong enough be washed many times and stand up on its own. I am attaching it to a top and skirt that I am going to make out of some material that was given to me. I am using Lizbeth 20 color number 130 Island breeze and HDT by Sherry Pence called Marina. I am using both of these colors together in this edging for it brings out all the colors that is in the material I am using.
More on the whole project later on. What do you all think?? Hopefully you will be able to click on the picture and make it bigger to see the edging better. I love Iris's book a whole lot!!!
Oops...I just realized that I took a picture of the wrong side of the edge. Dummy me.


Blogger TypsTatting said...

Those colours are really stunning cant wait to see the finished piece!

9:16 PM  
Anonymous Karen said...

Oh, how pretty! I'll be looking for the finished product. Iris's book has some lovely edgings and I'm currently making Liva (hearts and bows) on a wedding hanky. All of her patterns are wonderful and you bring this one to life. Karen in OR

11:40 PM  
Blogger Eliz (tatknot) said...

Lovely design and a perfect match in thread color.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Suztats said...

Wow, the tatting thread matches so perfectly! It will be stunning!

10:29 AM  

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