Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Here I am posting again. I don't want to have my blog too much on the stale side. So....
A couple pictures for you to take a look at. This picture is the baby buggy I made in bobbinlace though I think I may have already shared with you all the buggy...but in this picture you can also see the tatted stork putting the baby in the buggy. This I sewed onto my birth announcement material at the bottom. At the top I tatted his named and cross-stitched all the other particulars about his birth.

In this next picture is a dragon that I design...not really happy with it... He was made using sewing machine sewing thread and some quilting thread and a bit ( got to have that metallic you know...LOL) sewing machine metallic thread. At the moment I have been working on designing a 3 dementional dragon.... I hope this one will turn out better...if will be right back to the drawing board for me. I have to say though that tatting new designs for me sometimes isn't the hard is documenting the directions that is the hard part for me...If I could just wave my tatting dust around and get friendly and creative with my computer art programs...I would have had my own book out....that is the only reason why I don't have my patterns floating around...there aren't any......

In the next picture is two needle laced butterflies that according to Holly Van Sciver were probably made around the turn of the century. The Butterflies are what is called point de Gaze and was made prodominately in Belgium. Holly told me that Belgian Rose Point was also known as Point De Gaze. Anyhow...I think the butterflies are pretty. The background of the butterflies and the pink in the matting goes nicely in my dining room. My husband found these butterflies at an antique store. He suggested we would go and look at them on a Saturday for he wasn't sure what he was looking at and wanted me to take a look. But when that Saturday came around he said that we couldn't go...but then on Christmas Eve Day ( which is when we celebrated Christmas with our children) I opened up a package from Chrystal and thought...I must have opened the wrong package for there were the lace butterflies that my husband had said he had seen. So since I don't know a whole lot about lace though I didn't think these were made by machine for I did take my magniflying glass out and studied the butterflies...I wasn't sure what I was looking at so off to the last lace guild meeting I went with the butterflies to get some opinions from my other lacing friends. Above was Holly's opinion ...she also said to husband did good in getting the butterflies, they are old. The picture looks like a dark here but it is actually not so dark looking but soft in the actual colors.

That is all for now....


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