Friday, October 07, 2005

It is another day.....
This morning I have been painting. I promised someone that I would paint teapots on a couple of bobbins for her. I know I will be seeing her tomorrow...nothing like waiting till the last minute huh? I have them painted now and I am putting their coats of varnish on them. I am hoping that though we are in for some wet weather (slow moving cold front moving in our direction and Tammy visiting New York) it is suppose to rain for the next few days. Yeck!! Some rain is okay...but not three days of it. But October is usually a rainy month here in New York. The temperatures will be starting to is fall after all and winter will be setting in...though according to the calendar it isn't suppose to be till December...but New York doesn't care what the calendar says...So I have a feeling our nice weather is going to be going by bye. Anyhow...I hope the bobbins will dry okay.
I have a bit more painting I want to finish on a couple more shuttles this morning and then I will be getting Ms. Floozy out and do bobbinlace for the rest of the day. Tomorrow is the start for the FingerLakes Guild lace weekend. The day for the public is tomorrow, which because of having no money right now ( I have to be so careful) I will be there just for the public day and that is all. No classes this year...and probably no spending at the vendors either...that will be so depressing for I know I am going to want to buy at least one book....bobbins, thread for my lacing making fun. I will just have to blindfold myself and get a seeing eye doggie. The dog won't care about the vendors....LOL I know I will be demonstrating some I think I need to get myself up to speed today. It will be really nice to work on Ms. Floozy today anyways. She always makes me think of the day I got her and how happy I was. That was a good thing. :) It is better to think about the fun I had that weekend than what is going on here now days...


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Blogger erin said...

Woohoo! ScoobyDoo and Tatty too!


8:27 PM  

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