Thursday, July 28, 2005

Okay, I was a good girl and didn't post anything yesterday...but hey...this is another day.
I was talking to my friend Erin on the phone today and I mentioned to her how my Trumpet Vine and Rose of Sharon and Wisteria has been doing nuts this past couple of years. So I thought I would get a picture to show a bit of the jungle that I see when I look out my window when I do my dishes. Not how the Rose of Sharon is touching the ground in the picture. That happened because my clematis has also gone nuts and the vines pulled my Rose of Sharon down over the years so now I have a cascade of Rose of Sharon that goes down to the ground. My Wisteria was all the way over to my property line but my husband went out and trimmed it so it isn't as huge as it was earlier this summer. The Trumpet Vines started out as little shoots that I got from my parents house. Now we have lots of little shoots that gets mowed over. I love watching hummingbirds. I have a pair of biocculars right next to the kitchen window so I can watch them when I see them zooming in for their food. It is fun... Note in the picture the bunny pole we have where one of our bird feeders is hung...see that alumium pie tin...that is our attempt to keep the squirrels out of the bird feeder....but they get into them anyways.

Also here is a picture of Micheangelique( my computer)....when I am in front of her....this is what I get to see. is in the corner of my dining room...but I kinda like it here. Everything is kinda compacted here. right next to the computer just about is my huge China cabinet which takes a huge amount of room. Notice my wacky cartoon stuff in the picture. The flowers you see on my shelf next to my computer came from the funeral I have attended this year and the light roses are from my brother and Jill's wedding...yup I carried that glass and flowers home on the plane. They survived even though it was Feburary. But this is my space in the it is crammed here. You should see what I have crammed under my desk...there is no place for a chair....but I usually just take my cushion chair and turn it around from the table and use that when I am on the computer. I know there is alot of talk of pets. I don't have any pets anymore except for Phoroah my daughter's Cuckatiel. But note the Scooby Doo frame and the doggie in the picture. That was my angel....Angel Eyes. Also note the stuffed moose sitting ontop of my computer in the back. My daughter Michelle got that for me for a Christmas a couple of years ago. I just about died when she gave it to me. It was sold by Avon. It is called Mark the Moose. LOL. It actually DANCES and SINGS a little jingle....and it goes like this...I am Mark the Moose, I am on the loose to bring you Christmas cheer.....and so on,it is so funny. I actually showed this Stuffed animal to Mark Myers when he was here staying with me for a short time. I think I remember him laughing too when I turned it on.....LOL

Now to move on and do some lacing stuff of some sort....


Blogger erin said...

Cool pics, Sherry! Thought I'd drop a line here . . . I'm taking a break from a little project that I'm not telling you la la lala la....

7:22 PM  

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